project management

SKILLS UK philosophy when it comes to project management can be summarized in one word; integration. Whether you are an owner, contractor or investor our project management services through our team of highly experienced personal are able to deliver projects from concept to completion based on a thorough experience of cost management, planning & scheduling management and risk management which can help reduce technical risks and prevent construction errors while maintaining the project's budget and attaining the highest level of quality.


Project Evaluation & Feasibility

  • Project viability and constructability
  • Site visitsTender Support
  • Permits and License review
  • Asses risk through our careful analysis

Tender support

  • Document review
  • Preparation of documentation such as 'Requests for Proposal (RFP)'and 'invitation to tender (ITT)'
  • Selection of suitable contractors
  • Bid evaluation and negotiation
  • Contract drafting and negotiation
  • External analytical studies
  • Contract award

Planning & Scheduling Management

  • Portfolio management
  • Project collaboration and coordination
  • Presentation and reporting
  • Design and develop the TBS (task breakdown Structure)
  • Evaluate the time required for each and every task
  • Project control

QA/QC Management

  • Supervise and ensure quality in the construction process


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